services01Stallings Auction and Real Estate is a full service company selling Real Estate and Personal property on a day to day basis, using the auction method of marketing.

We have full time Auctioneers – Jake Stallings, Jason Herring, Antony Arriaga and Bailey Ballou.

We also have a handful of help that can’t be beat, and growing daily… But most of all, we couldn’t do what we do without the wonderful people who attend our sales.

Our building is located at Highway 7 and Trail Road East of Lawton. For an auction operation we can hold equipment Auctions on the land that is available and we can hold our Multi-Property Auctions and Estate Auctions inside the warehouse that can seat approx 100+ people and still have plenty of standing room.

Noela does quite a few estate sales and has ventured into the online auction business as well.


  • Respect to the Auction Profession
  • Honesty with not only our Sellers but our Buyers as well
  • To be available to our community
  • Take care of the Children and senior people and everything else will follow

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