Stallings Auction Service all began because of some special people who touched Joey’s heart.

Joey Stallings had his first kidney transplant in 1979 that lasted a short time. After that, he was on dialysis for years up until his mother, Nell Stallings gave him a kidney in 1986. He was very ill and could not really participate in the job market. After his transplant he did so well that he really wanted to do something, but what?

Joey was fascinated with the auction business. Growing up around the stockyards, as a young person, he always tried to be like the auctioneers. Then it came to him that he would love to be just like those special people in his family who touched his heart – his uncles Jeff and Earl Glover and cousins Oscar and Bruce Glover. Joey’s uncles were some of the greatest Auctioneers that have been or will ever be.

But there were two more special men that would book auctions and call Joey to come help him sell. So Joey gathered up his mother and his wife and off they went to help these auctioneers (Earl Simmons and Jim Thompson) With his mothers love and support, in 1996, they started Stallings Auction Service. Little did Joey know that 16 years later in 2002 he would be inducted into the Oklahoma State Auctioneers Hall of Fame.

In 1989 after receiving his real estate associates license, Joey went to work for John Jones at Parks Jones learning the market techniques for selling real estate.

In 1990, he moved to Home Finders Realtors, run by David Nottingham. Joey had an office located within their building. In 1995, business was growing so fast he needed help, so Noela Stallings (his wife) decided to quit her job with Northrop and she got her Real Estate and eventually her Brokers License.

It has always been a family business with Joey’s Mother Nell Stallings taking care of all the Auction paper work and Noela helping with setting up the sales and clerking. Then, of course, there is Jake, their son, who was actually born on a Tuesday in April of 1991 and they were doing a Real Estate Auction on Saturday that same week. So he really has been around the auction business all of his life.

Jake has grown into quite the auctioneer. He sets up one of the finest Equipment Auctions around. In 1995 they rented a Large Building on South Sheridan Rd, where they grew into a full time auction company that took in consignments on a regular basis.

After a number of years of selling real estate at auction and working with different auctioneers around the country, Joey researched a number of ways to sell Real Estate using the auction method of marketing, bringing a big city auction idea to the southwest plains. Selling real estate on one day and at one location, showing the property for 3 weeks, then auctioning all the property by using a PowerPoint presentation at one location.

That was the beginning of the Multi-Property Real Estate Auction that is held three or four auctions a year selling 15-30 pieces of Real Estate (Residential, Commercial and Agricultural) property at one place. Our Goal is to sell 100 pieces of Real Estate a Year.

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